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Kay Nitroxygen offers the commission of Turnkey Cryogenic cylinder filling stations including the scope of civil work and structure required for refilling Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, Argon, Hydrogen, Helium, Natural Gas with semiautomatic and automatic as well as manual control features.

  • Turnkey cylinder filling stations employ safe components and equipment listed below either with a single liquid or multiple liquids stored in multiple cryogenic storage tanks

  • Cryogenic Storage Tanks for different cryogenic liquids

  • Cryogenic Liquid unloading pumps

  • Cryogenic vaporizers – either ambient or heated – with any source of energy like electricity, diesel, natural gas, hot water, normal water or steam as the case may be.

  • Inter-connecting piping between vaporizers and control panel

  • Manual, semiautomatic or automatic control panels with PLC or PLC and SCADA

  • Multiple parallel filling points along with hoses on a cylinder filling manifold

  • Analytical panels for moisture, oxygen and other gases

  • At times gas mixing panel to blend two or more gases at the same cylinder filling station

Turnkey: About the Company


Through strategic partnerships, Kay Nitroxygen provides “turnkey” project solutions taking responsibility for every aspect of the project from procurement to transport to commission. With trusted vendors across India we provide an array of services, with production capacities per the Client's requirements with the promise of a timely delivery.

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Turnkey: Our Services
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