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To address liquefied gas industries’ needs, Kay Nitroxygen proposes a variety of standard to custom engineered cryogenic vessels. The storage vessels  are generally used for liquefied argon, nitrogen, and oxygen.

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Cryogenic Vessels: About the Company


Our custom cryogenic transport trailers deliver end-to-end solutions to store and haul cryogenic liquids, while maximizing payload. Kay Nitroxygen can help determine the right size and type of storage system based on your volume, desired pressure, purity level, flow rate, and operating pattern. 
Our trailers feature lightweight aluminum or stainless steel liners for the safe transportation of the specialty liquified gases, are available in various sizes and can be furnished with or without a transfer pump.

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We specialize in designing and manufacturing vertical or horizontal bulk liquid tanks for your unique applications.
With several product options available, we can customize our tanks for unique seismic zones, safety specifications and valve preferences.
Nominal Capacity: 6KL to 30KL
Standard Pressures: 75, 150, 250 PSI
Height/Length: 47 - 80 FT
Diameter: 10 - 16.9 FT
Empty Weight - 75 PSI: 24,000 - 75000 KG



Portages Cryo is a unique combination of a customer station tank & liquid cylinder. Its highly efficient super insulation ensures efficient performance and high capacity regulator & PBU ensures continuous gas delivery with high purity.
The product portability supports the option of being filled by transport tanks at customer location / sites or carried to bulk storage locations for filling.
Its steel frame protects valves, gauges & piping and has a stable base for placing on leveled surface, so a Civil foundation not essential. It can be customized filling & delivery connections and has a capacity of 1KL



MicroBulk tanks provide secure on-site storage of cryogenic liquids to maximize operational safety, quality and efficiency. 
MicroBulk solutions offer flexibility as they can eliminate the need to change out multiple smaller cylinders on a daily basis. Choose from high pressure (HP) or very high pressure (VHP) specifications with a 200 L capacity these tanks can be installed and operated indoors or outdoors.
Microbulk supply features specially designed tank trucks with integrated controls and flexible storage tank options. End usage can be provided as pure gases, cryogenic liquids or gaseous mixtures via a blender installed at your site.

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Kay Nitroxygen offers cylinders, the traditional solution for low volume of gas. For small and medium sized users, single cylinders offer a low-cost, versatile method of gas supply. Cylinders can be supplied in a full range of sizes, pressures and gas purities for a wide range of gases and gas mixtures. For larger volumes, we can supply manifolded cylinder packs or Micro Bulk vessels.

Cryogenic Vessels: Products
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